• 1) How to use this plugin?

    Ans. Kindly Go to Home Page, Please check section "HOW TO SETUP DEMO". you need to download the plugin and install Wordpress backend. and Enable it. After that Go to App store Install Vootouch application and install. After Install it will ask for WooCommerce site url.. If still problem click here to contact us.
  • 2) I have purchased the plan , what next?

    Ans. You will receive an email From our side asking details.... Once you get us these details, we will send you the build of the application for iPhone and Android. This build needs to be submitted to AppStore for approval. Once they approve, your application is available to public.
  • 3) Can I change my own branding on vootouch?

    Ans. Yes, you can change your own branding. In vootouch plugin the options are available to change the logo , color etc.. For Advance Customization click here..
  • 4) Do you provide any Advance customization service?

    Ans. Yes, we do provide customization service. Click here for Advance Customization.
  • 5) Is Vootouch Support All third party Payment and Shipping plugin ?

    Ans: Yes it Support All third party Payment and Shipping plugin But Standard Version will have only all by default payment methods and Shipping method which provide WooCommece by default. For implement third party plugins please contact us..
  • 6) Who will be responsible for the submission of the App?

    Ans. We will submit the app on your behalf, however, you will need to provide essentials credentials and authority to submit the app.
  • 7) I want Advance customization in the Application, is it possible?

    Ans. Yes, please drop email at info@wootouch.com and we will get back to you on that.